Testing, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning provides testing support to the campus in three areas described below.

Exam Scoring Services
Instructors can use our machine-scannable answer sheets and have them scored and analyzed at no cost. Test analyses include test scoring distributions and statistics, alphabetical listings of students, item analyses, and individual student error sheets. Consultation and workshops on test construction and interpretation of test results are provided upon request. Exam results are sent back to instructors through the CITES PEAR secure e-mail system.

Placement & Proficiency Testing
The academic achievement levels of new students are determined by a variety of exams whose results are used for undergraduate course placement and/or proficiency credit.

Oral English Proficiency Testing
In order to be in compliance with campus policy and Illinois state law, all non-native speakers of English (regardless of whether or not they have U.S. citizenship) are required to take and to pass a test of oral English proficiency to qualify to teach at the University. The University of Illinois administers the English Proficiency Interview (EPI) on campus.