Teaching Evaluation, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Teaching Evaluation

There are several ways in which to assess the teaching and learning in your classes.  These methods can be an informal or formal structure and administered in the middle or end of the term.  Below are a few of the ways in which the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning can assist you in the assessments.

ICES is the acronym for the Instructor and Course Evaluation System. ICES was developed at UIUC as one way to collect information from students about your courses and teaching. With this system, you select items from a catalog (or choose one of 4 complete forms) that you consider most appropriate.

ICES Online
ICES Online is our online equivalent of ICES (Instructor and Course Evaluation System). ICES Online is a secure web-based system.

Informal Early Feedback (IEF)
The IEF is an especially helpful method for receiving feedback during the semester about the teaching and learning in your class.  Asking for information in the early part of the term will provide you with timely information about how the class is progressing and ways to make changes for improvement.

Focus Groups
The information from student focus groups supplements the course evaluation information provided by ICES.