Course Evaluation Focus Groups, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Course Evaluation Focus Groups

Measurement & Evaluation offers Course Evaluation Focus Groups on a limited basis. Why use a focus group? As the name implies, a "focus group" zeroes in on and provides feedback on those specific areas that an instructor may wonder about. Student focus groups supplement the information provided by ICES. M&E will work with you, the instructor, to create the questions that will elicit the input you want on:

  • specific areas chosen by you, the faculty member
  • general course issues, and
  • general instructional issues

sample pageYou, as the instructor, will receive a written summary of student feedback obtained from the focus group. You will also have the opportunity to discuss this feedback with the focus group facilitator. The information gathered from focus groups will be solely for the use of the faculty member in understanding and improving his or her instruction. If you are interested in having your class participate in the Course Evaluation Focus Groups, please contact the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at (217)333-3370.