Resources & Support, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Resources & Support

Many resources are offered by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning for the purpose of informing graduate students, faculty and other practitioners in education about the many different materials and opportunities available for the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

Teaching Topics  Links to written materials about topics and issues commonly encountered in college teaching.

Courses on College Teaching
  Information about courses on college teaching and academic careers.

Books & Journals on College Teaching
  A select list of publications about various aspects of college teaching and learning.

Improving Oral English
  Courses and practical suggestions for International TAs about the development of oral English and teaching skills. In this section, you will also find campus-wide units and programs that contribute to improving the quality of teaching and learning.  Policies relevant to educators are available here, along with opportunities for grants and awards at the University of Illinois.

Campus Connections

Campus Policies

Grants & Awards