Courses on College Teaching, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Courses on College Teaching

EOL 585:College Teaching and Academic Careers
College and university professors have traditionally been better prepared in the practice of research than in the practice of teaching. This course is designed to help prepare future faculty members for their teaching duties. The course is both theoretical and applied, with course readings from the research literature on college teaching and learning. Many opportunities are provided in and out of class for reflection, dialogue, and feedback. This course is typically offered in the Spring semester.

Other courses about college teaching within specific fields and disciplines are offered on campus. This list may not be exhaustive, but indicates the types of courses available. Some courses are limited to graduate students in the department and others are by permission of the instructor. Other college teaching courses may be offered under the rubrics for special studies, special topics, pro-seminars, and the like. Most of the courses are not offered each semester. Check the University course catalog and/or the department for details, relevant prerequisites, and requirements.

AGED 520: Teaching College-Level ACES

EALC 560: East Asian Language Pedagogy

ENGL 583: Topics in Writing Pedagogy & Design

ENGL 593: Professional Seminar in College Teaching

FR 505: Teaching College & Secondary French

HIST 598: Teaching of College History

PSYC 570: Principles and Methods of Teaching Psychology

SIP 571: Professional Seminar for Language Teaching

The department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership now offers a Graduate Minor in College Teaching. The minor provides students with the opportunity to explore the scholarly literature on and practice of teaching and learning in postsecondary settings. In addition to EOL 585 (listed above), the following courses are part of this minor. 

EOL 572: The College Student

EOL 573: The Community College

EOL 574: Diversity in Higher Education

EOL 582: College Student Development

EOL 586: Changing College Curriculum